Top Four Restaurants In The World

There are very few industries as innovative yet divisive as the hospitality industry, at the high end, no two restaurants are truly the same. From ultra luxury to exquisite design and some traditional cultural thrown into the mix, these are the top four restaurants in the world right now.


New Nordic cuisine is the staple at Noma, although new Nordic seems a bit inappropriate for this, as the specialized dishes cater more to what is available than a standard menu. Noma sticks to local to never before seen degrees, with a highly specialized team scouring the local land to find what is available and then creating a menu around what they have found.

Noma is not just about serving amazing food, but creating new food. The fermentation kitchen alone could be mistaken for a laboratory where new flavours and combinations are discovered. If you ever intend to spend some time in Denmark, don’t forget to subscribe to Nomas newsletter to reserve a spot for this incredible experience.

Asador Etxebarri

When fine and exclusive dinning is the topic, one does not often think of grilling on a wood fire. While it may not be the most elegant method of cooking food, it can produce the most astounding results when preformed with the level of mastery possessed by the founder of Asador Etxenarri, Victor Arguinzoniz.

Here all the food is grilled over the coals of specially selected woods to best match the flavour profiles of the dish, if you are a fan of grilled and smokey dishes, there is no better restaurant in the world than Asador Etxebarri. Located in Spanish Basque Country not only is the food at the very top of the class, but the scenery is enough reason to stop by Asador Etxenarri too.


Another of the world’s best restaurants from Copenhagen in Denmark, Chef Rasmus Kofoed gives new life to his incredible dishes with a flair of art that is matched by none. Geranium is not only about food, but the art and passion that lays behind the perfect meal.

Seafood is one of the few staples at Geranium, offering some of the most unexpected, yet seemingly perfect delicacies. Throughout the 16-course menu, you will find that every dish has had passionate attention to detail to create an experience truly like no other.


Disfrutar stands to show what is possible in the hospitality industry when ambition, perfection and drive come together. Disfrutar opened its doors in late 2014 and is today considered within the top five restaurants in the world. Chefs Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch and Mateu Casañas work as an incredible trio to bring Disfrutar to the height of restaurant success.

The food thrives off innovation and creativity, combinations never before thought feasible are being served on a daily basis to unbelievable success. Unlike other restaurants on this list, there is more to the occasion than just food and a view. At Disfrutar, there is an experience. An experience like playing blackjack games for real money– you have to try it to truly understand.