Brian Todds

The Most Popular Cuisines In The World

A cuisine is unique way to gain an insight into a particular culture and the people are a part of it. People have always been passionate about food and the various ways to cook their meals, and this has translated over the centuries into region-specific cuisines, although many of them have now spread across much of the globe.

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London’s Best Restaurants

Some of the absolute best restaurants in London are to be found outside of central London and in its flourishing neighbourhoods. However, if you’re looking for delicious eateries for dinner, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here, we share our personal London restaurant recommendations.

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Top Emerging Chef’s in the World of Fine Dining

Food lovers from all around the world often take inspiration from the great chefs of their time. Whether it be Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver, or Wolfgang Puck, the world of culinary science always has some of the most talented and creative chefs to give to the world. The next generation of cooks is one to be excited about with some of the emerging talents in the food universe showcasing their dishes and recipes on a daily basis. The following three chefs have made waves in the culinary world in recent times.

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