Some of The World’s Oldest Recipes

Many of the most popular recipes of the modern world tend to be based in centuries of experimentation and refinement, and it means that while a pizza might seem like a fairly new creation, it actually started out hundreds of years ago in Italy.

And even while many of today’s popular dishes and recipes can be dated far back in history, there are some that are many thousands of years old, and were first made popular at the dawn of civilisation, when man first began harvesting plants and herding animals. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the very oldest recipes in the history of the world.

Meat Pie

Pies are popular around the world, although their ingredients and how they are prepared can differ depending on the region in question. But the very first meat pies were made by the ancient Mesopotamians, with recipes found in tablets that are dated back to 1700 BC.

Many of these tablets were translated only in the last few decades, but they prove that the ancients had complex recipes for a wide variety of dishes, and some were so popular among the people of the time that they remained a top choice for thousands of years to come. Along with pies, the Mesopotamians also enjoyed different stews, as well as a few choice deserts.


Widely considered to be one of the first recipes that humans invented, beer has been enjoyed for at least 12000 years, with evidence to show that we began to create beer in breweries around the Middle East and in Jerusalem as far back as 13000 years ago. Today, beer is still one of the world’s most popular beverages, and while we tend to drink it as an alcoholic beverage and nothing more, our ancestors would even trade in beer, and it was an important part of their daily caloric intake.

Not only was it enjoyed in the Near East, but there are beer recipes in China that date back to 3400 BC, and for the most part, the fermentation and preparation of beer has not changed much over the years, and it’s still a favourite at the pub, or just for home while enjoying Canadian slots online.


Anyone who has had enough beer will know that the worst effects don’t typically kick in until the next morning, when the infamous hangover leaves all but the strongest bound to their bed for most of the morning. It turns out that this was a problem for the ancients, too, and a recipe book by the name The Book Of Dishes shows that the people who once lived in what is today Baghdad enjoyed a special stew that was designed to lessen the worst effects of hangovers.

Along with this, there are around 600 other recipes that the people of the time enjoyed, many of which can be easily made today. Kishkiyya in particular is quite difficult to make, and it’s ultimately up to the eater to decide whether it does, in fact, help with hangovers.