Rome’s Top Restaurants

Do you know the saying “when in Rome, do as the Romans?” However to ‘do’ as the Romans, one needs to eat as the Romans do. That’s great news for visitors as the best restaurants in Rome are some of the best on the planet and some of the most romantic.

The menus in Rome are a celebration of flavours and ingredients which invoke images of tradition, delicious and delicious images at that. There are so many different things which you can do in Rome that trying to tick them all off is almost an impossible task, however you might as well try. That’ll take a lot of sustenance, so get that appetite ready for some tickling of your taste buds!


Pierluigi is a posh trattoria that has star credentials in the centre of Rome.

If you were visiting a wealthy, globetrotting uncle with a pied à terre somewhere near Piazza Navona he’d likely take you for lunch at Pierluigi. This is the ultimate ‘posh’ Roman trattoria and was chosen by Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan for a honeymoon dinner in May 2012. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry – have all dined here while they were in Rome on official or informal visits.

Dominating one side of pretty, cobbled piazza, it’s a wonderful venue for an al-fresco lunch. This restaurant could very well rest on its comfortable laurels however, impressively, it doesn’t. A 2010 makeover headed by long-time owner Lorenzo Lisi gave Pierluigi a gem of a cocktail bar, which is one of the few true examples of this type of establishment in any Roman restaurant. The hiring of energetic young chef Davide Cianetti in 2014 improved the game in the kitchen.

Chef’s approach is to use the freshest of ingredients on a menu which pairs Pierluigi classics (for example beef fillet with lemon – slow-cooked for 24 hours and then served in carpaccio-thin slices) with more creative ventures including orecchiette with turnip greens, cuttlefish ragout and taralli crisps. Fresh, raw seafood features notably among the starters.


Altrove is a restaurant that has a mission to endorse inclusivity and social awareness via food:

  • Firstly, through working with a multicultural staff, and
  • Secondly, through offering a diverse menu of international dishes.

This restaurant serves as a training ground and economic boon for marginalised young people, including immigrants, refugees and disenfranchised Italians. Altrove and gives them the chance to hone their cooking and service skills in a compassionate space.

Open from morning to night this restaurant boasts a café, a pasticceria and a restaurant which combines Mediterranean flavours together with the native cuisines of its employees. You can order a buffet plate at lunch or dishes such as tempura, ceviche, cous and kofta à la carte at dinner to sample while enjoying  spot of wagering action at top online betting sites.

Café Colbert

Set in the 17th century Villa Medici, which is the seat of the French Academy in Rome (situated above the Spanish Steps), Colbert is a relaxed café with outstanding views of the city’s rooftops and dining rooms which are lined with statues.