Ranking The World’s Healthiest Diets

Dieting and diet culture has been around for hundreds of years. Many people have struggled throughout their lifetimes to find the perfect diet to help with either weight loss, muscle growth, or just finding a healthy balance of eating.

The truth is that dieting is very individualized and each and every person reacts to different diets in different ways. For some people a low-carb, high-density meat diet is what works for them in terms of daily energy and focus levels, while other people strive and live better on an entirely vegan diet. In general, it is difficult to say which diet is the best on the planet because the answer is simply not a one shoe fits all, for the reasons mentioned above.

There are, however, a few diets that medical professionals consider well-balanced and generally very healthy to follow for the average person. Let’s take a look.

Mediterranean Diet

Ever looked at people from countries in the Mediterranean region like Italy, Spain, and Portugal and thought – why do these people always look young, full of vitality, and healthy?

Well, that wouldn’t be wrong to assume mainly because of the diets that they eat. In general, the Mediterranean diet is filled with tons of fruits and vegetables, low sugar and refined fats, poultry and fish, and in most cases, an excessive amount of caffeine and red wine.

Now, on the face of it, to many people living in more Western regions, this might sound a little off-putting, especially since in countries like America, high-sugar diets are simply the norm. But in general, health experts see the Mediterranean diet as one of the most balanced and healthy ones to follow, in the world.

The Icelandic Diet

Now this entry might come a little bit out of the blue, as Iceland is not normally a country that people consider as one of the healthiest on the planet, right? Well, this is because not many people ever think of Iceland in general, as it is a small and mostly quiet and peaceful nation.

Interestingly, health experts have identified that the Icelandic diet, which is filled with Omega 3 acids, quality fish and poultry, and a high volume of fresh dairy products, is one of the healthiest ones on the planet. People in Iceland tend to have a high life expectancy, and this may be why. So, next time you enjoy cricket betting, snack on some fish and fresh dairy.

Paleo Diet

The paleo diet is one that is completely based on the belief system that the foods that prehistoric humans used to eat are the healthiest to consume even in the modern era. But what does that mean?

Basically, the paleo diet means consuming foods that would not have existed in the past, so that means no ultra-processed fast foods, no cereals, no dairy products, etc. Supplement this diet with a few multivitamin tablets and you should be good to go!