The Most Popular Cuisines In The World

A cuisine is unique way to gain an insight into a particular culture and the people are a part of it. People have always been passionate about food and the various ways to cook their meals, and this has translated over the centuries into region-specific cuisines, although many of them have now spread across much of the globe.

Today, there are dozens of different cuisines to choose from, and for those that live in major cities, there’s a good chance that they have access to a large portion of those cuisines at any time of the day. So for the adventurous foodie looking to expand their palate, these are the most popular cuisines friend around the world.

Mexican Cuisine

Cuisine from the central American country of Mexico is ancient, and can be dated back around 7000 years. Much of their cuisine is strongly tied to their festivals, celebrations, and gatherings, and traditionally the bulk of the ingredients come from many of the plants that grow their natively, such as corn and various types of beans. The cuisine has made its way over the border and into the USA, where it has become a nation-wide hit. well as market vendors.

Thai Cuisine

This Southeast Asian country is a favourite destination for people travelling around the world. The food is meant to be simple, tasty, and based on fresh ingredients, and has been built over centuries with influences from other parts of Asia. Thailand is known for the low cost of its food, and it’s even possible to find a decent meal in Thailand for around $1. The mixture of spices is what really ties Thai cuisine together, and it’s now possible to make most Thai dishes at home as many supermarkets stock the necessary ingredients.

Indian Cuisine

India is a massive country, with culture and history that spans back thousands of years. Along with this, one dish might have various takes depending on the region, and there is even a unique type of cuisine that can be found outside of India, in the country of South Africa.

For the most part, however, Indian food almost always tends to be delicious; packed to the brim with a wide range of herbs and spices, vegetables, meats, and more. It’s also the perfect cuisine for vegetarian, as a large part of the Indian population does not consume any kind of meat, and for the lazy there are curries that can take hours to cook, offering plenty of time to watch some TV or play online bingo.


Widely considered to be the most popular cuisine in the world, Italian food has influenced global consumption a lot more than most people realise. Pizzas can be found just about everywhere, but pasta is also widely consumed, along with tomatoes and other foods and ingredients that first found popularity in Italy. Most people know the typical Italian foods, but there are plenty of little-known dishes that everyone should consider giving a try.