The Recipes Of Italy

While we all adore the popular Italian recipes like lasagne or spaghetti, it’s high time that you dig a little deeper. Cooking up these traditional Italian dishes – some with a bit of a twist – will make it feel like your Italian granny is in the kitchen with you!

Chicken Parmesan

With a classic Italian recipe like chicken parmesan, your whole family will surely fall in love with it. For a traditional chicken parmesan, you’ll need to pound out your chicken breasts super thin and also make sure that they’re all an even size.

The breading station will have a total of three trays — one with flour, another with eggs and cream, as well as third for breadcrumbs.

After frying your chicken breast, start creating the layers in your baking pan. Start with marinara sauce, then chicken, more marinara sauce, and finish it with a healthy amount of mozzarella cheese.

Leek Risotto

Leek Risotto is an extremely simple-to-make Italian recipe, which is light and nutritious. The leeks, which are browned in butter, are extremely fragrant and give the risotto a very delicate flavour. Leek Risotto is a dish of poor and humble origins. However nowadays people think of it as refined for its delicacy as well as lightness.

Leek Risotto is an ancient dish of peasant Italian origins. It has become a classic dish, particular of Piedmontese cuisine. In fact, the Piedmont region produces the best Italian qualities of leek and rice.

They fuse leek in place of onion as it has a milder flavour and is far more digestible as opposed to onion. You arue even able to eat leek raw in pinzimonio or utilise it in order to enrich and flavour salads. You can utilise cooked leeks in many different ways: stewed or braised as a side dish, au gratin or as a filling for savoury pies. Leek goes very well with eggs, just in omelette or en cocotte. However the queen of recipes with leeks is – without a doubt – risotto!

The best risotto is made traditionally with Arborio or Carnaroli rice, two varieties which make the risotto creamier.

Caprese Pasta Salad Recipe

Caprese Pasta Salad is a very famous Italian pasta salad recipe which is really easy to make. You just need five ingredients in order to prepare this recipe: tomato, mozzarella, fresh basil as well as durum wheat short pasta. Include some high-quality extra virgin olive oil and you get such a good caprese pasta salad!

For a superb result you need superb ingredients! So make sure that buy some tasty ripe tomatoes, fresh mozzarella as well an excellent extra virgin olive oil. The basil needs to be fresh. It’s all the better if you have a basil plant at home.

Make sure that you choose a high-quality pasta. The very important thing is that it’s short pasta as it cooks better al dente. We chose farfalle pasta however you are able to use the shape which you prefer such as fusilli or penne which can be great with this type of dressing.