The Most Awe Inspiring Underwater Restaurants

When it comes to fine dining and beautiful views, there are numerous restaurants around the world which fit the bill. However, for a dining experience that’s truly one of a kind, you’ll find it hard to beat the sheer awe-inspiring beauty of the following underwater restaurants. While most underwater restaurants are located within opulent aquariums, there are a few that can be found below the waves of the sea.

  1. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

Holding the number one spot on every list that features underwater restaurants, Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is an intimate dining experience which is very hard to beat. It’s located within the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island hotel and is exactly 16-feet below sea level. The views it provides are outstanding, with dreamy turquoise blues painting the surroundings in a softly glowing light as schools of fish frolic beyond the thick-windowed walls.

  1. 8 Undersea

The Maldives boasts several underwater restaurants, and while Ithaa is the most popular one, 5.8 Undersea is another great contender for the number one underwater restaurant spot. The exclusive eatery is incredibly intimate, with only 16 spots available for guests to enjoy breakfast, lunch or supper with views of the coral reef and the abundant host of sea life beyond the panoramic windows. The wine pairings on offer are well-thought out to suit the vast variety of seafood dishes available, as well as the extravagant alternatives which include Kobe beef.

  1. Submarino Restaurant

Located within the aquarium of Oceanogràfic Park of Valencia, Submarino restaurant is a Mediterranean delight that has over 10,000 fish which circle and swim beyond the floor to ceiling walls of the restaurant. Foods available are generally fresh, in-season potions along with decidedly Spanish themed favourites such as paella and turbot with seaweed and nuts. Dinners are the most popular time to come, so arrive early if you hope to get a spot besides the glass to see the fishes up close.

  1. Al Mahara

Within the glittering jewel of Dubai, you’ll find Al Mahara within the Burj Al Arab hotel (which translates to the oyster shell). The aquarium that’s located inside Al Mahara is another floor to ceiling experience which is certain to mesmerise your senses, not only with the soft cobalt blue glow, but also with the extravagant menu options. From Japanese King Bream and Line caught Sea Bass as popular stand-alone options, patrons can also enjoy dishes like Wild Cornish Turbot paired with Porthilly Crab Sauce or Scallop and Mushroom Risotto.

  1. Subsix

Found at the bottom of a dramatic three-tiered staircase, and below the Indian, Subsix has the honour of being not only a world-class underwater restaurant, but also being home to the world’s first underwater club. The floor to ceiling windows line the walls and let in the breath-taking views of the illuminated ocean floor, 20 feet below the waves.

Reachable only by boat from the Niyama Resort, patrons to Subsix can enjoy champagne breakfasts, decadent dinners, or subaquatic lunches by booking a spot well in advance. Popular menu items include dishes such as Pan Seared Seabass, Maldivian Octopus Carpaccio, and Shoe Lobster Tataki.